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Last update: January 09, 2019.


G'day everyone! Glad to see you on my website!

Late Fall 2008 note. Iíd like to state it clearly Ė for quite a while now I have not been trading as I used to. There are many reasons to this, partially itís lack of time, partially Ďcause Iím tired of senseless accumulation of shows I listen to only once and then put in a box.

I highly recommend all the visitors to regard this web as, letís say, a collection of recordings/bootlegs/whatever-you-may-call-it I have accumulated throughout the years and partially as an online guide with information on shows (yes, sometimes it is not 100% correct, sorry for this).

I do not say I stop all my activities. I am still interested in high-quality FM recordings/bootlegs of most of the bands listed herein, and I still open to any proposals to trade/exchange for ANY recordings/bootlegs I donít have from the following bands: Megadeth, Coroner, Baphomet (German Thrashers) , and Xentrix.

Yes, you will see some rare-made updates here, cause I still get some cool recordings on- and offline and I surely continue taping all the good shows in Moscow and sometimes in St. Petersburg!

If you want any (almost) show from my collection we might work out a trade for original CDs/DVDs I don't have. E-mail me for details. As always feel free to e-mail me about any dead links, discrepancies in setlists and tour dates.

And the last thing - I do not sell anything. And if you came here searching for mp3, sorry fellas, this website will be of no use to you!

Thank you!


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