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Judas Priest Live in Los Angeles, USA 1990

 Venue: Los Angeles, California, USA
 Date: June 27, 1990
 Time: 42:43
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: SBD A
 Notes: This CD has both Bruce Dickinson and JP shows. But there are definitely from different locations! Judas Priest line up: Rob Halford - Vocals, K.K. Downing - Guitar, Glen Tipton - Guitar, Ian Hill - Bass, Scott Travis - Drums. CD is f**ed up inregard to cutting the tracks.. each JP track has about 30 sec of the next track but the the netx track starts again with the beginning. Need to be corrected.

 Disc 1: 1. Riding On The Wind
2. Grinder
3. Heading Out To The Highway
4. Between The Hammer And The Anvil
5. Better By You Better Than Me
6. Leather Rebel
7. Hell Bent For Leather
8. You've Got Another Thing Coming