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Megadeth Live in Osaka, Japan, 2000

 Venue: Zepp Hall, Osaka, Japan
 Date: March 7, 2000
 Time: 49:26/58:20
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: DAT, A+
 Notes: JAPANESE 2000 and 2001 boots can be considered the best ever! Amazing quality. RARE and AMAZING!! Marty makes a mistake in the beginning and had to tune the guitar - nothiung special but still very unusual :) 10 sec pause between tracks 10 and 11 - seems like the tpaer thought the show was over, but it wasn't or.. strange filler - 2 riffs from TWNAH - definitely from japan and may be from that show. The next track is Time The beginning in acoustics and then goes "ATLM" and fades out... So I dunno where those songs after Anarchy comes from... GREAT!! gig.. RARE TRADES ONLY

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Prince Of Darkness
3. Holy Wars
4. Punishment Due..
5. In My Darkest Hour
6. Reckoning Day
7. Hanger 18
8. Breadline
9. She Wolf (extended version)
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Almost Honest
 Disc 2: 1. Use The Man
2. Crush 'em
3. Trust
4. Sweating Bullets
5. Symphony Of Destruction
6. Peace Sells/Crowd
7. Paranoid/Crowd/Dave's Speech
8. DATFM riffage [1:51]
9. Band Introduction
10. Anarchy In The Osaka
11. Kill The King riffage [1:06]
12. The World Needs a Hero riffage[1:12]
13. Time The Beginning (acoustic)
14. A tout Le Monde