... And Bootlegs For All

live in Live in Morrison, USA 2000

 Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO, USA
 Date: July 06, 2000
 Time: 64:23
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: DAT B++
 Notes: DM: "Yesterday we delivered our new record to the record company and they listened to it today and said "FU-U-UCK!". Not really...". AMAZING AUD recording.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro/Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
2. In My Darkest Hour
3. Reckoning Day
4. Use the Man
5. Return To Hangar
6. She-Wolf (extended)
7. A Tout Le Monde
8. Trust
9. Sweating Bullets
9. Hangar 18
10. Symphony Of Destruction
11. Peace Sells (+just a bit of Capitol Punishment medley taped)