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Megadeth - Live in Istanbul, Turkey, 2001

 Venue: Maslak Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
 Date: July 3, 2001
 Time: 66:17
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, Video rip, B
 Notes: I remember getting the vid from the show back in 2001 sometime after the actual show in avi. Thanks to Efu in 2010 I received this DVD audio rip. Here are his comments: "This show is a little bit interesting, not because of the first time that Megadeth in Turkey, but also they seemed they loved Turkish people, their reactions which are similar to the latin american reactions. Taping is different from the others, strange though, it seems like taper re-edited the show by changing the order of songs... But when I ripped the audio, I re-ordered the setlist as the original one. Dave was talking very fine in this show, unlike the others. He wants the audience to join him by singing A Tout Le Monde and Promises, he says "BÜYÜK SİKİCİ" (1) which means "Big F**cker" in Turkish. And he also mentions about a fan and how the fan pissed him (2) and he also says he is 100% convinced that he will play in Istanbul again, in the middle of Peace Sells, instead of saying "Can You Put A Price On Peace?". Show was taped from outside of the venue, Maslak Venue is a shitty place, and if there is a show happening there, nobody has to buy tickets believe me! Sound is a little bit distant, and too much distorted. But you can hear Al Pitrelli's mistakes easily. Audio quality is 6/10 for me, but I really enjoyed this show when I first got it, because this was a show that shouldn't be missed... In my opinion, The World Needs A Hero tour was the best tour ever from Megadeth."
The recording itself turned out pretty nice despite the distance it was shot (outside the venue from a hill :)) and the talks at the taper. Anyways, another show from that tour is found. Efu, thanks again!

 Disc 1: - Intro/Dread And The Fugitive Mind (Missing)
- Kill The King (Missing)
- Wake Up Dead (Missing)
- In My Darkest Hour (Missing)
- She-Wolf (Missing)
- Angry Again (Missing)
- Crush 'Em (Missing)
1. Dave Talks #1 & Try Of A Tout Le Monde
2. A Tout Le Monde
3. Moto Psycho
4. Hangar 18
5. Silent Scorn (taped)
6. Return To Hangar
- Reckoning Day (Missing)
7. Trust
8. Time: The Beginning / Use The Man
9. Train Of Consequences
10. Almost Honest
11. Dave Talks #2
12. Promises
13. Sweating Bullets
14. Dave Talks #3
15. Tornado of Souls
16. Bass Intro & Band Introduction
17. Symphony Of Destruction
18. Peace Sells
19. The Conjuring
- Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Missing)