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Megadeth - Live in Osaka, Japan, 2005 (Unleashed Revenge)

 Venue: Zepp Osaka: Osaka, Japan
 Date: April 9, 2005
 Time: 57:50/58:40
 Size: 2 CD

 Sound: A-/A, DAT, copy from silver bootleg
 Notes: Copy from SYLPH silver Bootleg 'Unleashed Revenge'. Amazing quality recording. Those guys @ Sylph Rec. did a fabulous job as usual! Great show!
The last show of the 2005 Japanese tour. Anyways, Glenn and Shawn are changing their instruments to play Paranoid. Dave says it's been great to play in Japan again. Great crowd chanting and especially during 'ATLM'.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Blackmail The Universe
3. Set The World Afire
4. Skin O' My Teeth
5. The Scorpion
6. Wake Up Dead
7. In My Darkest Hour
8. She-Wolf
9. Something That I'm Not
10. Angry Again
11. Guitar Solo
12. A Tout Le Monde
13. Die Dead Enough
14. Trust
 Disc 2: 1. Of Mice and Men
2. Kick The Chair
3. Hangar 18
4. Return to Hangar
5. Back In The Day
6. Sweating Bullets
7. Tornado of Souls
8. Symphony Of Destruction
9. Bass Solo
10. Peace Sells/Paranoid/Peace Sells (cont.)
11. Band Introduction/Holy Wars/Silent Scorn (taped)/Dave Thanxx Words