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Megadeth - Live in Osaka, Japan, 2006 (Bodies Melted)

 Venue: Zepp Osaka: Osaka, Japan
 Date: October 16, 2006
 Time: 65:46
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: DAT, A/A-, Copy from Silver CD-R (Sylph)
 Notes: Special guests on "Peace Sells": Joey Belladonna & Dan Spitz from Anthrax on back vocals! Very nice recording but strangely with a touch of hiss! I wouldn't say it's the usual great sylph-type of recording but it is really good.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Blackmail the Universe
3. Set the World Afire
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Skin O' my Teeth
6. Tornado of Souls
7. She-Wolf
8. Take No Prisoners
9. Symphony of Destruction
10. Hangar 18
11. Washington is Next
12. Mechanix
13. Peace Sells / Dave's Thanks
14. Holy Wars / Silent Scorn (outro)