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Megadeth - Live in Sydney, Australia, 2009

 Venue: Hordern Pavilion: Sydney, Australia
 Date: October 8, 2009
 Time: 68:19
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B/B+, AUD, copy from master
 Notes: The 2nd source. Taper: Starclassic. Source/Lineage: Core Sounds Binaurals (pointed towards stage) -> Sony PCM-D50 (line-in, 48kHz 24 bit) -> Cooledit Pro 2.0 (30-band graphic EQ) -> Soundforge 9.0c w/Izotope Ozone 4 Mastering Plugin (mastered and downconverted to 44.1kHz 16 bit) -> FLAC Level 6.
Taper's notes: "There's something about Megadeth that's starting to grow stale with me, admittedly and it's their set list. Quite frankly, Dave has built up such a massive back catalogue that he can mix it up every year that we see him. Not enough material played from the brutal new album "Endgame" and just the same old tunes that I've been hearing every time. Another thing with Dave on this particular night was that his vocals were not as good as they normally are and is extremely evident in the "Devil's Island" track. The poor guy must've had a cold or something as his usual notes just weren't projecting from his throat. Otherwise, they all played an awesome and flawless set (with the exception of the little Phrygian mode acoustic bit in "Holy Wars" which I'm sure makes Marty Friedman giggle every time a new Megadeth lead guitarist tries to play it - it's truly a Marty signature lick). Much fun though the crowd were quite unruly even around the sound desk area which is not all that common for me at this venue. I did my best to push people who were ready to bump into my mics as well as some who kept trying to walk backwards into me but honestly, this venue has never produced good results, even with my Dream Theater bootleg from the seats. Frustrating stuff. On to the technical bits, we had a night of morons at the sound desk. Slayer's one had an obsession with loud kick drums with no gates. Megadeth's one had super-sensitive hearing and didn't really crank it enough to at least help drown out the crowd noise. This may have also been due to the fact that I was hearing some clipping coming from the stacks but that was more than likely from a bad mic in one of the kick drums. One major problem I had though was that my mic plug had worn out so bad that it wasn't until a few bars into "Hangar 18" that my right mic began to function solid for the rest of the evening. So up until then, all I've had being recorded was my left mic. I've done my best to match the phasing between the mono and stereo portions in this section but sadly, you will notice the difference and quite significantly, despite my attempts to polish the turd. I have replaced the plug since and all is well. I sincerely apologise for what I consider to be my worst recording aside from the last Pantera gig played in Sydney!"
The quality of this one is sadly worse then the Navigator's recording.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Set The World Afire
3. Wake Up Dead
4. Hangar 18
5. Skin O' My Teeth
6. She-Wolf
7. In My Darkest Hour
8. Devil's Island
9. Tornado Of Souls
10. Dave thanks the Aussies for their support
11. Head Crusher
12. Rattlehead
13. Symphony Of Destruction
14. Peace Sells/Band Introduction
15. Holy Wars/Mechanix/Punishment Due/Silent Scorn (outro)/Dave