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Megadeth - Live in Milovice, Czech Republic, 2010

 Venue: Sonisphere Festival, Milovice Airport: Milovice, Czech Republic
 Date: June 19, 2010
 Time: 59:11
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B+, Aud, master
 Notes: 2nd source taped by shownomarcy. Lineage: at u853aw mics > BB > Edirol R-09HR [16bit, 44,1 khz] > Remastering [Wav] > Sony Vegas (Split to tracks) > TLH (Level8) > Flac. Taper's comments: "Awesome event, it was really cool to see the "Big Four" in one day! I recorded the show from the back of Front of the stage, the recording didn't sound so cool, big thanks to rockzs who cured it, now sounds much better, clearer!"
A bit more floating recording than mine but closer sounding and indeed clearer.

 Disc 1: 1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (fades in)
2. Hangar 18
3. Wake Up Dead
4. Headcrusher
5. In My Darkest Hour
6. Skin O' My Teeth
7. A Tout Le Monde
8. Hook In Mouth
9. Trust
10. Sweating Bullets
11. Symphony Of Destruction
12. Peace Sells
13. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Reprise)/Band Introduction/Silent Scorn (outro)