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Megadeth - Live in Mountain View, CA, USA, 2011

 Venue: Mayhem Festival, Shoreline Ampitheatre: Mountain View, CA, USA
 Date: July 10, 2011
 Time: 46:30
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B+, Aud, copy from master
 Notes: Taper: hail_ozzy. Lineage: Source 1 (sec 201, row I, seat 23): Sony ECM-719 cardiods -> Tascam DR-07 (16-bit) -> Audacity. I have two sources of this gig and this one is definitely better. I was hoping i could attend this gig but we have to leave SF on this very day and fly back home.

 Disc 1: 1. Trust
2. Hangar 18
3. Wake Up Dead
4. She-Wolf
5. Head Crusher
6. Public Enemy No. 1
7. Symphony of Destruction
8. Peace Sells
9. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due