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Megadeth - Live in Santiago, Chile, 2012

 Venue: Teatro Caupolican: Santiago, Chile
 Date: September 8, 2012
 Time: 95:24
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: A, AUD, copy from master
 Notes: Taper: patoria. Lineage: Zoom Q3HD (Audio only, 24 bits, 48 kHz, Lo cut filter)>Sound Forge Audio Studio 10(Normalization)>CD Wave Editor 1.98>Flac level 8.
This is a great recording! Moreover, it features "I Ain't Superstitious", which was played only 3 times to my knowledge as of now (setlist.fm states 4), two times being in the 2012 tour. However prior to playing it, Dave asks David If they ever played it live, and David says no, so Dave continues "First time ever in the world tonight right now" :) It is hard to recall if you played it last some 26! years before. Amazing crowd chanting without taper interference! According to setlist.fm "Note: "Devil's Island" and "My Last Words" were originally in the setlist, but for reasons of lack of (rehearsal), they decided to play "Architecture of Aggression" and "Countdown to Extinction" last minute."

 Disc 1: 1. Never Dead
2. Hangar 18
3. Wake Up Dead
4. Trust
5. Architecture of Aggression/Crowd
6. I Ain't Superstitious
7. Dawn Patrol
8. Poison Was the Cure
9. She-Wolf/Crowd
10. Angry Again
11. A Tout Le Monde
12. Countdown to Extinction
13. Head Crusher
14. Guns, Drugs & Money
15. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
16. Public Enemy No. 1
17. Symphony of Destruction
18. Peace Sells
19. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due / Silent Scorn (outro)