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Megadeth - Live in Berkeley, CA, USA, 1984

 Venue: Ruthie's Inn: Berkeley, CA, USA
 Date: November 3, 1984
 Time: 48:43
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B+, AUD matrix
 Notes: Info from the guy who shared the show: "This is an upgraded audience recording of this show. I posted my version a couple of months ago but there were a number of bad cuts and pieces missing. A fellow trader, bubba420, sent me some alternative versions of this show that were also incomplete. So I set out to combine these different version together in order to come up with one more complete version. Thanks to these other versions, I was able to piece together an almost complete version of this entire show and this is the result. I actually tried to create a stereo version since I had multiple sources of this show but unfortunately, the transfers were at different speeds and I was unable to match them up exactly. The small parts that I was able to do sounded great but I just could never completely match up the speeds so the 2 channels would end up out of sync. Oh well. I tried. I still think this is a better version than the one I posted previously.
Megadeth: Guitar/Vocals: Dave Mustaine, Bass: Dave Ellefson, Drums: Gar Samuelson.
I was able to replace/repair all of the missing pieces except for the following: The beginning of "Love To Death" is not here as the audio comes in about half way through the song. All of the versions I have either don't have "Loved To Deth" at all or the beginning is cut off. There is a bad cut in between "The Mechanix" and "Chosen Ones" during Dave's rap. This is the case in one form or another in all 4 versions of this show that I have. The very end of "Rattlehead" is cut off. All other versions besides my original one do not even have "Rattlehead" included in any form. I have created some artwork for this one and it is included. I tried like hell to come up with the original version of the logo with the skull and crossbones but this is the closest I was able to come. (If anyone out there happens to have that one, I would be eternally grateful if you could send it to me! Thanks!) The pic of Mustaine that I used is actually from this exact show according to my buddy that was there and sent me the pic. Sound quality still is not excellent but I do think it's an improvement over the original overall. At least it's more complete than the previously posted version. Enjoy!"

 Disc 1: 1. Loved To Death
2. The Mechanix
3. Chosen Ones
4. Killing Is My Business..And Business Is Good
5. Looking Down The Cross
6. Blood And Honor (early version that went on to become "Wake Up Dead")
7. These Boots
8. Next Victim (early version that went on to become "My Last Words")
9. Skull Beneath The Skin
10. Black Friday
11. Rattlehead