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Megadeth - Live in Reseda, LA, USA, 1985

 Venue: Country Club: Reseda, CA, USA
 Date: May 24, 1985
 Time: 41:35
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B/B+
 Notes: Upgrade. Full show! Source: Low Generation Cass >Cool Edit Pro 2.0 >CD WAV >SHN >CDR >EAC >FLAC.
First time in LA. DM: “How the f**k are you doing Los Angeles? I hope you guys know this is our first gig in this f**ing shithole we call Los Angeles. Thanx God you guys are as good as you are. I’d like to dedicate this next song to everybody who showed up tonight. I know there’s a lot of shit going around because there’s another mega-something, they think they’re us, but they f**ing ain’t…And then they’d die as soon as… How many of you guys wanna f**k those guys up…This song’s about truth, justice and the American way. Let’s get down to business. This is a track from our new album on Combat records “Killing Is My Busines… and Business is Good”. After Skull: “everything I’ve said about LA I’ll take it back right f**ing now. I’ll tell you one thing – you guys are f**ing bad ass! Why don’t you say “Cliff(?!?!), f**k you! Since this is getting f**ing taped to be.... on San Francisco. One more time they think they are tough shit say F**K YOU! Now let’s say to latters……………this is LA.”After Boots: “this is going to be on the new album… if there ever is one if I survive”. After Cross: “how many of you guys waited for 2 years for us to come here?…”... John comments: “In my opinion, Dave is under the influence of some pretty strong drugs for this one. He Growls, plays with his echo effect, rambles on between songs and suddenly loves Los Angeles again! At 5:44 on track 06 dave says "How you guys doing?...Come On, you mean to tell me you guys didnt know there was a hidden tab of LSD on our flyers." Also on track 07 at 6:46 dave says "I tell ya if it came down to if we got got stuck on a fuckin deserted island all id want was a nice big bud plant and these fuckin 50 maniacs right up here..you guys are more less..thee chosen ones." LOL

 Disc 1: 1. Last Rites / Loved To Death
2. Killing Is My Business...
3. Skull Beneath The Skin
4. These Boots
5. Band Tunes / Dave Solo
6. My Last Words
7. Looking Down The Cross
8. Chosen Ones
9. Mechanix
10. Dave And Crowd
11. Rattlehead
12. Mustaine Guitar Solo
13. Bad Omen