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Megadeth - Live in Minneapolis, MN, USA, 1986

 Venue: 1st Avenue: Minneapolis, MN, USA
 Date: August 3, 1986
 Time: 50:05
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A+, AUD, low-gen copy from master
 Notes: It was quite unexpected to get the best source (i'm sure) of this show and maybe even the best sounding '86 gig in late 2008! Anyways, here's the info on the source: Source: Sony Walkman -> Akia or Shuree mic, Transfer: Master -> Yamaha Pro Stereo w/EQ -> Audigy Platinum Card -> Audio Cleaning lab -> Soundforge -> WAV -> CDR -> FLAC -> CDR. Tapers Notes: I dont remember what recorder we (it was my friends equipment) used, it was one of the 1st Sony walkman sized recorders you could buy. I believe he had either an Akia or Shuree mic... but I dont rememeber, it was 20 + years ago. I transfered with a Yamaha Pro Stereo system with EQ, with an Audigy Platinum card, and used Audio Cleaning lab and Soundforge to edit.
This is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys early megadeth and even if you do not listen to bootelgs this one easily sounds like an officially made live recording! Amazing!

 Disc 1: 1. Rattlehead
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Peace Sells
4. Killing is my Business
5. Chosen Ones
6. Looking Down The Cross
7. Bad Omen
8. Devil's Island/Band Introduction
9. My Last Words
10. Mechanix
11. Good Morning/Black Friday