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Megadeth - Live in Seattle, WA, USA, 1986

 Venue: Moore Theater: Seattle, WA, USA
 Date: August 08, 1986
 Time: 56:01
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B+, upgrade
 Notes: RARE TRADE ONLY. This is yet another cool recording i got from old tape sent to me by a person who traded this recording out back in 1986! I did tape > CD transfer and spent quite some time trying to get the best out of it. The first recording of this show I had was very bad when compared to this one and moreover it was incomplete. This one is longer and better! Surely there are some flaws - there's a guy at the taper who is whistling and shouting quite a few times throughout the show - he is annoying ... yes ... but he does it like once per each song :) and the taper knowing it lows down the recording volume considerably but AFTER this guy shouts... so some songs start from very low sound to normal. Small part of 'Conjuring' is missing due to evident tape flip. I rated this show as B+ cause it's definitively not of a SBD/FM quality and it has the aforementioned flaws but still considering it's age, the rate is 100% true.
Great show! Dave sounds quite sober(?) and says how he likes Seattle, and how hyped he is that they had just signed to Capitol, he also dedicates 'Looking Down The Cross' to ... "those two nuns who were sitting over there!" :huh:
Once and once again a big thank you to Ron for this!

 Disc 1: 1. Rattlehead
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Peace Sells
4. Killing is my business
5. Looking Down The Cross
6. Bad Omen
7. Devil's Island
8. Band Introduction
9. My Last Words
10. Mechanix
11. The Conjuring
12. Good Mourning/Black Friday