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Megadeth - PowerChord Interview

 Venue: Moore Theater: Seattle, WA, USA
 Date: August 08, 1986
 Time: 13:32
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, A-, low gen tape rip
 Notes: This is a plain-great interview done by a guy from the Vancouver radio "PowerChord" station on CITR before their performance. It seems like the whole band is in the rehearsal room where the intie was being made. The band was preparing for the performance and David says it was 7:37. You can here crowd chanting “Megadeth”. This is a full unedited interview tape the guy from the radio recorded because there's some more stuff apart from the actual interview. I won’t cite the whole interview here but here are some issues which were discussed: touring as King Diamond’ support band; future touring Europe; “Peace Sells” title the band whereas Megaforce wanted “Wake Up Dead”; the new album release date being September 5, Metallica (of course!), Dave's playing piano/drums; Lee Raush; “Burnt Offering” to be released on the next record etc. One more thing asked was really interesting to hear a decent answer from Dave - “Dave, Denver show from last year was soundboarded and there was a rumor you liked it so much you wanted it to be released as live CD?” But once again Dave just said some he-thought-to-be-funny stuff, nothing definite. I have two tracks from Denver - July 7, 1985 . So it was especially interesting to hear Dave’s comments, but…

 Disc 1: 1. Interview