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Megadeth - Interview w/ Dave, Chicago Radio, 1988

 Venue: Chicago Radio
 Date: February 1988
 Time: 27:48
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A-, SBD
 Notes: GREAT interview with Dave talking on various stuff from the show that was in Chicago 'on Friday' [the date is Feb. 19, 1988], on probs they had @ that show, on success in general, on tour with Dio, on the other CA band called 'Megadeth', on Metallica, on how Dave feels to be an opening act, on various stuff... Funny to hear people calling the radio station and sayin how much they love Dave, that they would die for him etc etc.. Amazing! As for the correct date of the interview it's hard to be exact - it's somewhere from February 21 (not 20 cause Dave mentions that he is doing intie from the backstage while Dio is on stage!) to.. some days later.

 Disc 1: