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Megadeth - Live in Oakland, CA, USA, 1988

 Venue: Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center: Oakland, CA, USA
 Date: March 10, 1988
 Time: 48:30
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B+/A-, 2 gen copy from master
 Notes: What an upgrade to the shit I had. This is a rare source of this show that another great megadeth trader John shared with me. WAY better quality than on any other sources I know. Before IMDH Dave talks about various stuff: passing of Cliff and who will fill his place, Kirk Hammet and Dave, breaking up with his g/f he had been engaged for more than 5 years etc. Dave also seems to be very ...intoxicated! But that was usual for that period..Dave even mixes words in Peace Sells, which I have never heard at any other show!!! Ever!

 Disc 1: 1. Intro/Wake Up Dead
2. The Conjuring
3. Hook In Mouth/Dave talks about 'Decline of Wastern Civilization' movie
4. In My Darkest Hour
5. Devil's Island
6. These Boots
7. Band Introduction
8. Peace Sells
9. Anarchy in Oakland