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Megadeth - Live in Zwolle, Holland, 1988

 Venue: Aardshok Festival, Ijsselhal: Zwolle, Holland
 Date: May 29, 1988
 Time: 51:20/
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: AUD, B
 Notes: RARE TRADE ONLY! This is the last show of the 1988 Tour. Part of it widely available in SBD format taken from radio but this is finally the full version! Thanx Jerome for digging it out! Dave: 'Hello Holland! This is out second time here, and it makes us feel very good!' The quality is pretty nice, not the best, but still it's really enjoyble. Chuck's solo's beginning is just a bit cut!
Dave: "You know, we are going to record an EP ion Tokyo, but I think we'll have to go back here to Zwolle, cause you are definitely a great f*cking happening audience!"

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Set The World Afire
3. Hook In Mouth
4. Wake Up Dead
5. The Conjuring
6. Mary Jane
7. In My Darkest Hour
8. Devil's Island
9. Bass/Drums Doodle
10. These Boots
11. Chuck Behler Drums Solo
 Disc 2: 1. Band Introduction/Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
2. Dave's Speech
3. Liar
4. The Mechanix
Encore II:
5. Dave's Talking about 'Anarchy'
6. Anarchy In Zwolle
7. Crowd chanting
8. Dave Thanx Words