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Megadeth Live in Fairfax, VA, USA

 Venue: Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA, USA
 Date: November 5, 1992
 Time: 74:51
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B-, AUD
 Notes: Minigaps between tracks. Some crackling throught the recording. A bit distant. Not the best show of 1992 recording-wise...but rare.

 Disc 1: 1. Holy Wars
2. Skin OMy Teeth
3. Wake Up Dead
4. Hangar 18
5. Countdown To Extinction
6. Foreclosure Of A Dream
7. Lucretia
8. Sweating Bullets
9. In My Darkest Hour
10.The Conjuring [3:35]
11.The Conjuring (cont., 1:26)
12.Tornado Of Souls
13.Ashes In Your Mouth
14.Symphony of Destruction
15.Peace Sells
16.Anarchy In Fairfax