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Megadeth - Live in Dayton, OH, USA, 1993

 Venue: Hara Arena: Dayton, OH, USA
 Date: July 3, 1993
 Time: 76:30/30:38
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: DAT, see comments, copy from master
 Notes: Megadeth last date of minitour with Pantera and White Zombie. First of all, this is NOT FOR TRADE per taper's request. Primarily due to the fact that the recording was marred by bad DAT>CDR tranfer. This is a lot of digital noise throughout the recording. Sadly. When there's no noise the quality is solid B+! The show is a truely Mustainish. Dave is constantly pissed off at someone and it even resulted in band's leaving the stage after 'Tornado'. After Anarchy Dave says they were going to join Aerosmith on their tour 'tomorrow' and the crowd won't let the band leave without one more song and the boyz play 'Bad Omen'!! Anyways, great show with sadly not perfect recording. And it's the only 1993 summer US show surfaced so far! Thanxx a lot for this, Jerry!!

 Disc 1: 1. Intro/Holy Wars...Punishment Due
2. Skin O' My Teeth
3. Dave/Wake Up Dead
4. Countdown to Extinction
5. Hangar 18
6. Foreclosure Of A Dream
7. Dave/This Was My Life
8. Guitar Jam/Tornado of Souls
9. Break/Sweating Bullets
10. In My Darkest Hour
11. The Conjuring
12. Dave/Angry Again
 Disc 2: 1. Peace Sells
2. Symphony of Destruction
3. Anarchy In the UK/Dave's speech about tours/Thanxx
4. Bad Omen