... And Bootlegs For All

live in Munich, Germany

 Venue: Backstage, Munich, Germany
 Date: June 24, 1997
 Time: 41:26/42:21
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: DAT A-
 Notes: At first I thought it's a SBD recording..then it's turned out to be DAT, but it's amazing DAT recording... the taper did an excellent job. Last couple seconds of She-wolf are cut (end of CD1) and first secs of Use the Man are also cut (beginning of CD2).The person who cut it should be complete idiot to cut out 10+ seconds..P.S. very unsual to see Peace Sells in the middle of the show and IMDH as the last-but-one song :) Tornado of souls is intoduced by Dave as "..a song about fucking weather" LOL

 Disc 1: 1. Intro/Reckoning Day
2. Skin O' My Teeth
3. Train Of Consequences
4. Hangar 18
5. Peace Sells
6. Angry Again
7. Foreclosure Of A Dream
8. Tornado Of Souls
9. Almost Honest
10. She-Wolf
 Disc 2: 1. Use The Man
2. A Tout Le Monde
3. Trust
4. Sweating Bullets
5. Symphony Of Destruction
6. FFF
7. Holy Wars
8. In My Darkest Hour
9. Anarchy In The U.K.