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Megadeth Live in Pyreneas, Spain, 1997

 Venue: Dr. Music Festival, Pyreneas, Spain
 Date: July 13, 1997
 Time: 54:15
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: SBD B+
 Notes: This is a video rip. The video is a PRO shot from the Spainish TV..sadly enough they didn't braodcast the gig in it's full so what we have here is the only (?) boot of that show. Some hiss and the transision of track 12 to 13 is a bad due to broadcast quality. The songs that are supposedly missing (i.e. were not broadcast) are: Holy Wars/Hanger 18/Sweating Bullets/Anarchy. And it's clear that the first half of the broadcast show is actuallly the second half of actual gig and vice versa but due to TV comments ect. it's hard (for me at least) to change the song order.

 Disc 1: 1. Spanish TV comments/Trust
2. FFF
3. Symphony Of Destruction
4. Spanish TV comments
5. Peace Sells
6. Spanish TV comments
7. Sin
8. Reckoning Day
9. She-Wolf
10. Spanish TV comments/ Use The Man
11. Almost Honest
12. Spanish TV comments/ A Tout Le Monde/ In My Darkest Hour
13. Angry Again/Spanish TV comments (with intro riff to Sweating bullets in background)