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Megadeth - Live in Hartford, CT, USA, 1998

 Venue: Meadows Music Theatre: Hartford, CT, USA
 Date: July 2, 1998
 Time: 50:35/52:42
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: B-/C, AUD
 Notes: Taper: Luke A. Transfer: Mini Cass -> "Spin It" -> CDR -> EAC(secure) -> WAV -> FLAC(lvl8). Notes from John who shared this with me: "I got this from the guy that taped it with a mini cass aka voice recorder...so its "technically" not lossless but i consider it "lossless" becuase this is what it was taped with and it is only known recording to exist of this show. Great setlist!! Very rare to have a couple guests join in for a couple songs in the setlist! I wish the sound was better on this, sadly it isnt the greatest." * w/ Members Of Drain Sth On Backing Vocals. I'd recommend this show to collectors only or people who attended the show.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. The Disintegrators
3. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
4. In My Darkest Hour
5. I'll Get Even
6. A Secret Place
7. Sin
8. Reckoning Day
9. Angry Again
10. She-Wolf
11. Marty's Guitar Solo
12. A Tout Le Monde
 Disc 2: 1. Almost Honest
2. Use The Man
3. Trust
4. Tornado Of Souls
5. Sweating Bullets
6. Symphony Of Destruction
7. Drum Solo -> Drum & Bass Solo
8. Peace Sells
9. Mechanix
10. Anarchy In The Uk*