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Megadeth - Live in Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1998 (Unplugged)

 Venue: 94.1 WYSP Radiostation: Philadelphia, PA, USA
 Date: July 10, 1998
 Time: 37:11
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: FM, A+
 Notes: RARE TRADES only!! Great recording that can be comapred quality-wise with Unplugged in Buenos Aires '97. Dave says that it was an unexpected for the audience apperience. Jimmy, Dave, David, Marty. Dave says that they just found out that 'Secret Place' got into Top20. "I'll get even was just done for Witchblade Comics..". David gives a brief history of Megadeth acoustic shows. First ever unplugged appearance of "Countdown to Extinction"!! Funny that people wants the band to play "wake up dead". Track 3 [@ 1:00] has minor skipping.

 Disc 1: 1. I'll Get Even
2. A Secret Place/Interview
3. Use The Man
4. Countdown to Extinction
5. Trust
6. Almost Honest
7. Anarchy In Philadelphia