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Megadeth - Live in Osaka, Japan, 1998 (Cryptic Dead King)

 Venue: Koseinenkin Hall: Osaka, Japan
 Date: November 16, 1998
 Time: 54:02/53:02
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: DAT(?), A-/A
 Notes: Very good sound, but how perfect could Japanese recording be, this one suffers from tiny disadvatanges (guys at the taper are shouting a bit loud etc), that very minor, trust me, when it comes to the quality of the SHOW itself! This is second Japanese show I notice to have a tendency to split Holy Wars and Punishment Due into 2 separate tracks, I do wonder why they do it?! Great setlist with 'Countdown to Extinction' which wasn't played much at that time, 'I'll Get Even' acoustic and others.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Holy Wars...
3. The Punishment Due
4. In My Darkest Hour
5. Wake Up Dead
6. Hangar 18
7. Reckoning Day
8. A Secret Place
9. Countdown To Extinction
10. Angry Again
11. She-Wolf
12. Marty Solo
13. A Tout Le Monde
 Disc 2: 1. Almost Honest
2. Use The Man
3. Trust
4. Sweating Bullets
5. Symphony Of Destruction
6. Drum/Bass Solos
7. Peace Sells/Crowd/Band Introduction
8. I'll Get Even (acoustic)
9. Blues
10. Anarchy In The U.K.
11. Paranoid